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In ancient Greek, Ghenea (γενεά) means origin, birth, generation. It is used to describe the beginning of things, something at the early days. 

Gea was the Earth, but also cultivated fields and inhabited land. The Earth is a caring mother, a primordial creature who takes care of us and provides us with everything we really need. We live on grounds we have to learn to listen to, and rediscover through fresh eyes.

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In order not to compromise on quality and yield, the distillation process takes place immediately after the harvest. Shortening the interval between these two steps is crucial to prevent fermentation, which could compromise the essence of the oil or alter its fragrance.

1. fuoco 2. bollitore 3. vapore acqueo 4. piante aromatiche 5. vapore acqueo con olio essenziale
6. acqua fredda 7. acqua calda 8. acqua e olio essenziale 9. olio essenziale 10. acqua aromatizzata (idrolato)


  • The freshly harvested plants are placed in an airtight canister;
  • A boiler then generates steam, which is pressurized into the lower portion of the container;
  • The steam runs through the plants to vaporize the volatile oils within them;
  • The mixture of vapor and oil ascends and reaches a cooling coil, through which its temperature lowers, allowing for condensation to occur;
  • The aromatic water and oil are collected in a container, where they naturally separate due to their difference in specific weight: the oil above, and the water below.

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